Daily Faith Publishers Bundle

August 23rd-31st 2021

Creators, We'd Love You To Be Part Of Our Bundle ❤

We are inviting Creators to join us in building a unique bundle of resources for Faith Based Publishers.  If you create PLR, offer training or have something to offer that encourages other Believers, we want to hear from you.

Who You'll Be Partnering With

Kelly McCausey is a Content Marketing Coach with years of experience in church and women's ministry.  

Samantha Angel is a talented Graphic Designer with a love for merchandise creation.

Avery Wilmer is a gifted Writer & Content Expert.

Together we have been running Daily Faith, serving thousands of amazing ministry leaders with content they use to spread more of God's Love, Grace, & Mercy!

Why Be Part Of A Bundle?

Connect With Other Creators

We can't say enough about the value of working with your contemporaries on projects like this.

Reach New People

You will get connected with people you haven't had the chance to reach before. and who knows where that will go?

Share It With Your People

This bundle is a resources you'll love sharing with your existing community - they'll thank you for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Bundle Work?

Bundle Partners contribute access to a full priced product by providing us with a 100% off coupon or free registration option for our Bundle Customers.  We offer the Bundle for sale as a product here Daily Faith at a price point of $19.  When the customer makes their purchase, we give them details on how to go claim all of the Partner Products. They browse and claim the products they want over a period of about 30 days. 

As a Bundle Partner you build your mailing list from those who come to claim your product. People get to experience your quality and be exposed to other offers you have available. It's a powerful strategy for reaching new people.

What Can I Submit To the Bundle?

You can submit a product that you have put together, ready to sell to the general public by August 10th. Partners contribute sellable products with a value of at least $19. 

You may not submit a 'freebie' that you are giving away to the general public. 

We are looking for products in three categories.

  • Faith Related PLR Products (Done-for-you, rebrandable content the customer can edit and publish as their own.)
  • Content/Strategy Training Products (Not PLR, for the customers personal learning use.)
  • Ministry/Encouragement Training Resources (Not PLR, for the customer's personal edification.)

What's The Bundle Timeline?

Partner applications are being accepted through July 30th and if you are accepted, your contribution details are needed by August 10th.

This means your product has to be set and claimable by August 10th.  

The Daily Faith Publishers Bundle will sell from August 23rd through the 31st.  Customers can come through to claim your contribution anytime from the beginning of the sale, through the end of September 2021.

What Are Partners Required To Do?

Have your product fully ready to customers to access by August 10th so that we can test the check out process and ensure a good experience for all.  

Be swift to respond to our team when they have questions or requests.

Share the Bundle with your community, by email and social media during the sale. (We provide you with graphics and text swipes that makes this easy.)

Provide a high quality customer experience to those who come to claim your product. They may be claiming it free from you, but they paid $19 for the bundle so they ARE customers.

Do You Have An Affiliate Program Opportunity?

Yes! We do and we're paying a 50% commission on the bundle.  Find information on that here.

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