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Introducing a 10 Week Business Devotional for the Christian Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is so important to communities and churches, amen?

When Christians are successful in building a business they have an amazing impact on the world around them. They provide jobs, create positive relationships, support the local economy and of course – they become joyful givers.

Be A Champion For Entrepreneurs In Your Community!

Data shows that more businesses fail than succeed and that’s why our faith driven business dreamers need our support and encouragement.

This package includes devotions to cover Monday-Friday for a full ten weeks!

With full rights to edit as you wish, you can be as creative as you like.

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Example Devotional From This Set:

Wednesday: A Biblical Model for Praying for Growth

A sweet believer has been running a struggling business for a long time. She never makes more than a pittance from her time and often struggles to pay her bills.

Asked if she prayed for her business, she shook her head, smiled and said, ‘No, God has given me love, grace, forgiveness and daily bread – I won’t ask for anything more than that.’

I don’t tell you about her to criticize her attitude, not at all. She’s one of the nicest women I know and she’s truly content with her life. That’s awesome!

We all have different goals and dreams. Some of you want to build a business to provide a part time income that gives you the ability to say home with your kids and have no interest in growing beyond that point.

Some of you though… you have big dreams for your biz!

If you have been a believer for at least ten years you’ve probably heard of a little book by Bruce Wilkinson titled the Prayer of Jabez.

If you haven’t heard of it or if you never got a copy of your own to enjoy, I highly recommend it.

I did have a copy back in 2000 when it first came out and I personally gave several copies away to others. Looking back, God definitely answered my ‘Prayer of Jabez’ in a big way. My life is completely different ten years later!

The book is based on this verse in the Bible:

1 Chronicles 4:10 (NIV) reads:

“Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.”

If you Google the Prayer of Jabez you’ll find quite a few opinions both good and bad – but you can’t argue with the Bible on this. Jabez prayed for increase and God gave it to him!

Don’t let anything stop you from crying out to God about your business and all of its related needs.

God equips you to run your business, if you’re doing what He has called you to do he will certainly be faithful to provide you with the tools and resources you need to make it profitable.

The Devotional Titles:

(NOTE: you will see the same title on Monday of every week. However, they are NOT the same devotion. The devotions were written with the intent to kick off each week with a stretching your faith message on Monday.)

  • Week One
    • Monday: Stretching Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Praying For Your Business
    • Wednesday: A Biblical Model for Praying for Growth
    • Thursday:¬†Without Faith, Prayer Falls Flat
    • Friday: Prayers and Affirmations for Your Business
  • Week Two
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Living on God’s Economy
    • Wednesday: Promises from Deuteronomy
    • Thursday: Participating in God’s Economy
    • Friday: God’s Economy Operates At God’s Direction
  • Week Three
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: What is a Calling?
    • Wednesday: Do you love what you do?
    • Thursday: How Do You Answer The Call?
    • Friday: What if others don’t see it?
  • Week Four
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: We’re All Gifted
    • Wednesday: How to Operate in Your Gifts
    • Thursday: You Will Feel His Pleasure
    • Friday: Spiritual Gifts Affirmations
  • Week Five
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Managing Your Time By Planning Ahead
    • Wednesday: Managing Your Time By Prioritizing Activities
    • Thursday: Managing Your Time By Dropping What Doesn’t Deserve Priority
    • Friday: The Power of Full Engagement
  • Week Six
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Doing Business By The Book
    • Wednesday: Pricing Yourself
    • Thursday: Partnering with Others
    • Friday: Some Business Checkpoints
  • Week Seven
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Wise Counselors
    • Wednesday: Action Should Follow Good Advice
    • Thursday: Too Many Chefs
    • Friday: Affirmations for Wisdom and Counsel
  • Week Eight
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Low Self Esteem
    • Wednesday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Procrastination
    • Thursday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Shiny Object Syndrome
    • Friday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Lack of Balance
  • Week Nine
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: You Don’t Have to Be Something More…
    • Wednesday: It is often about the littlest details – so write it down.
    • Thursday: How Can You Wow Someone?
    • Friday: Excellence is On Time
  • Week Ten
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Symbolism & Branding Your Business
    • Wednesday: Witnessing 101 – Let them ask you
    • Thursday: Witnessing 201 – Tell them how God changed your life
    • Friday: Witnessing 301 – Offering to pray for and with them.

These devotions are a wonderful addition to your faith based content plans.  Use them to encourage others in building a successful business that honors their faith in every way!

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