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Chou hallegra

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In her message of How To Let Go Of Your Emotional Baggage So You Can S.E.R.V.E. Chou Hallegra shares 5 precious ways for us to Let go...and Let God...

Our lifelong emotional baggage can weigh us down in so many areas of our lives. Sometimes it's difficult to see the impact it can have on our relationships. Not only with others but even our relationship with God almighty.

Chou offers us valuable insights to why this baggage effects us and ways to make changes so that we can live a more abundant life. Using S.E.R.V.E. as an acronym for her message she shares many gold nuggets to help more easily let go of the heavy baggage that weighs us down.

Download the PDF gift from Chou here.

Golden Nuggets To Help Unpack Our Baggage

Find someone to hold ourselves accountable with.
Stay connected to God - Listen carefully for the wet sponge analogy (my favorite).
Work on broken relationships. Not easy but so important.
It's OK to acknowledge that our hurt feelings are real but don't fall victim to them.
ALWAYS remember: HIS GRACE is indeed sufficient for ALL.

Learn more from Chou on her website.

It has been a pleasure for us here at Daily Faith to present this summit. We pray you are encouraged, motivated and beautifully equipped to keep building your online ministries!
- Kelly, Samantha, & Avery

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