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30 Day Devotional: All Things Made New

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Introducing 30 Day Devotional: All Things Made New.

If you minister to authors and those who want to be one, you know how much they value spending time with God and a sweetly inviting daily devotion is perfect for that.

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Whether you want to use these devotions to serve the people you already know – or share them for ministry outreach, we’re thrilled to know we’re saving you time and supporting your mission to love on others.

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  • Devotions Are A Minimum of 250 Words Each
  • 10,785 Total Word Count (Editable Word Document)
  • Social Friendly Prayer Images (Canva Template)

Example Devotional From This Set:

Step Out of the Boat!


“Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on water and came toward Jesus. -Matthew 14:29


In Matthew 14, we read about Peter’s faith adventure, stepping out of the boat to walk towards Jesus. It’s an exciting story. Jesus called Peter to step out of his comfort zone, trust Him and follow His lead. And what happened? Peter walked on water! He experienced something incredible because he dared to step out in faith.

Now think about your own life: how often do you stay stuck in the safe ‘boat’ of your comfort zone, too scared to step out into the unknown and the new that God might be calling you into? How often do you settle for what is safe, familiar, and comfortable, rather than taking a risk, stepping out in faith, and trusting God?

It’s tempting to think it was somehow easier for Peter because he was in the physical presence of Jesus. The truth is though, that Peter had no idea what was going to happen when he took that step of faith. He had no idea what God would do in response to his faith and obedience. But that didn’t stop him from stepping out and doing it anyway, because he trusted Jesus and knew that God loved him and wanted the best for him.

Jesus is calling us to do the same. And when we dare to take that first step in obedience to His call, we can experience miracles, we can see God move in incredible ways, and can find new levels of joy and peace. Amazing things can happen!

Today then, let’s choose to take a step of faith toward Jesus. To leave the safety of our ‘boat’ and trust that He will guide us through whatever might be waiting for us as we step out in obedience to His call.


Father, thank You for calling me to step out in faith and trust that You will lead me into all the new things You have for my life. Help me to be brave and courageous, to surrender my fears and worries, and to step out boldly in obedience to Your call. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

The Devotional Titles:

  1. Today is a Brand New Day
  2. Creating a New Beginning with God
  3. Make Room for the New!
  4. A Fresh Start for your Future
  5. Refreshed and Renewed: God’s Promise for You Today
  6. Ready for Reset
  7. Receive the Refreshing Rains of God’s Spirit
  8. Divine Restoration is Yours
  9. Reconnect and Recalibrate
  10. A New Hope
  11. When God Seems Silent
  12. Learning to Trust God in the Unknown
  13. In His Perfect Time
  14. Whole Again
  15. Do You Need a Vision Correction?
  16. Keys to Unlock God’s Promises
  17. Renew Your Mind and Be Transformed!
  18. What Do You Want Me to Do For You?
  19. The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength
  20. Sing a New Song
  21. A Life Less Ordinary
  22. Keys to the Kingdom
  23. Old Paths to New Life
  24. I Will Be Your Guide
  25. Hope and a Future
  26. Speak Life!
  27. Trusting in the Trials
  28. You Are Well Able!
  29. The Perfect Storm: When We Are Weak, God Is Strong
  30. Step Out of the Boat!

Social Friendly Prayer Images!

Each of the devotions has a prayer included and we’ve turned them into beautiful images you can use in a variety of places. With the included Canva Template file link you can easily make any changes and add your own branding if you wish – or use the PNG images as is.

These devotions are a wonderful addition to your faith based content plans.  Use them to encourage others and spread God’s Love, Grace & Mercy far and wide!

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