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Prayer and Reflection Journal
$27 Value

Need a place to keep your favorite verses, your written prayers, who to pray for, what to pray for, or just someplace for self-reflection through scriptures. You are in the right place. This journal offers 2 covers, 15 prayer and self-reflection page templates plus one page each of crosses and stickers. Mix and match, add to it, or leave it as is. Any way you choose to use it will be a benefit to you and your clients. Have fun with it!

Crash Course: How to Teach Your Special Needs Child at Home
$27 Value

A complete program for setting up a learning environment with activities geared toward your child's needs, in just a few days. You'll also get a series of emails with resources for all core subjects--many of them free. The program and teaching tips apply to any struggling learner.

The Inspirational Story Blueprint
$27 Value

Here's the roadmap to writing powerful stories that impact and inspire the people you are called to serve!

Noah's Ark Ephemera
$18 Value

12 fantastic ephemera pages featuring scenes from Noah's Ark - in both black & white, and full-color. With full PLR rights, use this package to create fabulous (and fun) biblical resources for your customers. Includes postcards, notecards, note pages, envelope, boxes, pockets, bookmarks, tags, and boxes.

Spiritual Gifts
$25 Value

The Bible says that God gives people gifts for accomplishing the work he wants them to do. The people, not the building make up the church. And the Bible says that all work done by Christians is for the Lord (Colossians 3:23). The workplace, or anywhere we walk, is our mission field. Thus, it stands to reason that the gifts of the Spirit are also given for use in all aspects of our life. For this reason, it is very important to know our gifts.

Journaling with Jesus Create your Own Journal kit
$27 Value

This is a 30 day Create Your own Journaling with Jesus kit. It includes 5 cover pages, 5 this journal belongs to page, and 60 journal prompts, designed to help you become closer to your God, no matter what your religious belief is.

Bible & Prayer Journal
$39.99 Value

Set up and keep track of your Bible study goals and progress; Check out the Bible & Prayer Journal Commercial PLR Printable Template! It incorporates 50 pages ideal to grow deeper in your faith by journaling your prayer life and dive deeper into God's Word.

90 Day Prayer & Coloring Journal
$19.95 Value

This is an undated lovely 90 day prayer and coloring journal for you to enjoy. You'll receive these pages: Undated Monthly Calendar, Daily Pages to record Scripture, Prayers and Blessings, Coloring Mandalas, Coloring pages with quotations.

Bible Passage Flash Cards for Children-KJV Printable
$19.50 Value

Set of 20 Bible passage flash cards for children to memorize passage, chapter and verse from the King James Version (KJV) Bible. These flash cards are editable in PowerPoint. As you can see, you can change the font, change the background image (in View>Slide Master), change the passage and/or verse, or change the version of the Bible you use. You can make these totally yours. These can be for adults as well as children.

Taking Care of You
$19.00 Value

Taking Care of You, A Guide for when you are taking care of everyone else, is a resource for caregivers (or anyone) that are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Covering the four areas of body, mind, heart and soul, It gives encouragement and tips for turning the overwhelm into joy and order. It has several bonus printables to go with the suggestions. Starting with just 10 minutes a day, you can take care of yourself so that you are in a better place for taking care of others.

The Ten Commandments –
God’s Open Request
$27.00 Value

It is said that the Commandments are the most important part of the Bible, Ten of the most significant declarations that God made to humanity. In fact, there are some very fundamental directives! Grab your Private Label Rights to ready-made content for you to share, publish, and encourage your audience.

Guided Prayer Journal for Moms
$37.00 Value

Are you a Christian blogger or a Christian coach? Do you have an audience of Christian Moms or do you own a Christian Brand? This planner is perfect for you to use as a lead magnet to grow your email list or customize and sell it on your favourite marketplace such as Etsy or Amazon. This planner includes a cover page, a section for daily thanksgiving, bible study section with space for Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer, space to write and reflect to God daily and daily bible verses to encourage moms. 105 pages in total. With commercial terms and various formats included, you can easily customize with your brand colors and font. Sell it as an independent product or add it to your membership hub. The possibilities are endless.

Answered Prayer Journal - God's Grace Is Sufficient
$37.00 Value

It's a prayer journal for your answered prayers — a way to continually keep yourself in remembrance of God's mercy, grace, and favor at work in your life.

Prayer for OUR Earth - 7 Day Devotional & Journal
$17.00 Value

Every day we are faced with storms, fires, and other horrors worldwide. With Praying for OUR Earth, you can create an experience that inspires you to a closer relationship with God and to understand what you are personally led to do for the earth. You can make a difference.

Set of 40 Scripture Affirmation Cards
$14.99 Value

Set of 40 scripture affirmation cards that you can print and carry with you everywhere. Each card has a bible verse printed on it to remind you of God's promises and His love for you. 5 sheets of 8.5 x 11 inches. Print, cut and enjoy today. (Personal Use Only!)

Biblical Affirmations Journal
$27.00 Value

The Biblical Affirmations Journal includes 30-days of positive, inspirational affirmations based on scripture. The Canva template includes a customizable 49-page journal. Journal pages are sized at 8.5 x 11. Only free elements are used in Canva.

Prayer Requests Reminder Set
$22.00 Value

This set includes bookmarks, notepaper and mini-cards for jotting down prayer requests. This gives you a practical and portable way to keep your prayers nearby so that you are reminded to stop and pray throughout the day. This product comes with PLR/ commercial use rights. (PowerPoint source file and PDF file)

Be Still and Grow - 30- day Prayer Journal
$37.00 Value

Be Still and Grow is a 30-day Prayer journal to practice slow-living and pause for daily prayers to spend time with the word! It comes with guided daily prompts and 30 days of scriptures to pray on. Comes with a commercial license and editable Canva, PowerPoint Templates. Use the journal to bring calm to your life and help your customers by repurposing it and giving it away to promote calmness in the chaotic world around us.

"Bless Us This Day" Bundle Collection #1
$19.00 Value

This giveaway is from "", a new source for faith-oriented social media graphics and PLR articles. In this large, sample package you will receive: "Affirmations" (31 Social Media Graphics) - "Prayers"(10 Social Media Graphics) - "JOY" Bible Verses (10 Social Media Graphics) and a short PLR Article about "Faith".

Breakthrough Board Success Training
$25.00 Value

The Breakthrough Board Success Training is an easy, step-by-step introductory tutorial that equips you with the roadmap to start to envision, create and manifest the business and life that you were created for - in 10 days or less!

Devoted: Hebrew Scripture Study of Psalm 115
$14.00 Value

Devoted is a Hebrew Scripture study for women who wants to dig deeper into God's Word. Devoted's members have immediate access to 8 video land printable lessons and the Devoted Community App.

Noah's Ark Activity Pack
$27.00 Value

This Noah's Ark-themed product included 20 Picture Bingo cards, 6 themed Word Searches plus 5 themed mazes. Use the 10 graphics as stickers or to enhance your covers to products. Split apart and sell or use at Sunday School or with your own kids. Everyone loves Bingo!

30 Day Content Calendar and Social Media Templates for the Christian Entrepreneur
$24.00 Value

Plan your monthly social media in less than 1 hour with this bundle. Includes 30 days of graphics and a Canva template, a Trello board and a spreadsheet. You’ll be able to choose from either engagement, inspirational, prompts or ideas to help you spread God’s love and word and keep your audience engaged.

Pretty Lead Magnet Toolkit for Christian Content Creators
$27.00 Value

Quit Hiding Your Light! Put it on a lampstand... by using PRETTY Printables (Lead Magnets) to build a targeted email list - without hiring a graphic designer! +++ Toolkit includes 30+ easy-to-customize Canva templates plus training on how to guarantee your designs are PRETTY (Powerful, Readable, Effective, Tailor-Made, Tantalizing & Yummy).