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Are You Stepping Up To The Call?

Christian Content Creators know the power of God's Love in their lives. You've felt the impact and want to share it with others, indeed you feel called to do so - but so much can stand in the way.  

Fears & insecurities may tie you up in knots and make you feel like you're not ready. Considering how desperate the world is for more love in every neighborhood, niche and people group, we mustn't let anything stand in the way a moment longer.

That's why we created the Love Changes The World Summit, to embolden and empower you to share God's Love with others.

Every Believer Has The Opportunity To Touch Other Lives

Why Christian Creators Are Needed Now

YOU Are So Important NOW

Every Christian Creator - anyone who shares God's message via a variety of internet platforms - is critically important to the people they're called to serve.

Some of you are 'Tentmaker' entrepreneurs or in full time Ministry - many of you fall into both spaces. Whatever shape your calling, every step you take, every opportunity you create - you're having an impact on the world around you.

If you're letting personal insecurities or lack of know-how hold you back, people are left in their suffering, struggling with life and all it's challenges. 

No more delay, no more excuses... people need you NOW and we can't wait to help you take the next most exciting steps.

Let's Meet The Encouragers Who Will Inspire More Love & Action!

Featuring Carrie Wilkerson

Entrepreneur, Author & Highly Sought After Keynote Speaker, Carrie has a powerfully uplifting message to share with us! We can't think of anyone we'd be more thrilled to introduce you to ❤️

Sharing Your Story Matters! Carrie will motivate and encourage you to be more proactive with your story, share your testimony and be vulnerable. When you do, it opens doors for God's love wherever you are.

Portia Basham

5 Ways Love Has Changed Your Client's Life For The Better Through Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for ways to change your client's life for the better? If so, you won't want to miss this powerful training by Coach Portia Basham. In "5 Ways Love Has Changed Your Client's Life for the Better Through Your Business," she will show you how your business has helped your clients find love and improve their lives in so many ways.

Carol Bremner

Be An Encourager

Be an encourager to those around you and online by using inspirational stories to build faith in others. Whether you use simple technology to share hope through videos or a podcast, or you speak to people face to face, the message conveyed through a story can reach into the hearts of those who hear it.

Karen Lee Ann Fox

SEO For Christian Bloggers

SEO is the foundation for getting your faith-based content found in the digital world but is something often avoided by many Christian creators. SEO is the foundation for building the right audience, growing your email list, and growing your income. This training will help you understand SEO without all the technical jargon that seems like a foreign language. This will enable you to target the right keywords so your ministry grows on auto-pilot!

Anne Markey

Using Facebook Groups To Encourage Women

In this session, I will share how I use Facebook groups to connect with Christian women from all over the world, encourage them in their faith and use groups to grow my brand and business.

Suellen Estes

We Are On A Mission

God has a big plan, and each of us is a part of it, if we accept the Mission. To be successful in it, we need His Inspiration, Practical Know-how, and Tenacity. Suellen will share some of her big moments and some of her blunders. You'll be inspired to throw aside every hindrance and run your race, spreading God's love to all in your reach.

Natalie Lavelock

How Taking a Leap of Faith can Lead to a Business & Life You Love

God asked Natalie to take a huge leap of faith to follow the path He had prepared for her rather than the path to worldly success. In a journey that has lasted now, almost 7 years, God has proven His faithfulness to the work He began, leading Natalie to defy the odds of entrepreneurship and building a business and life she loves! And now you will see how you can do the same!

Tami Imlay

Removing Fear Enables Love

It seems like the world today is ruled by fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of getting sick, fear of what others think…when we allow fear to rule our lives we are more focused on what might happen and how we might feel than what is happening and how we can show compassion to ourselves and others. Ready to ditch fear? Let’s explore a practical way to identify and eliminate fear from your life.

Honour Olulu

Overcoming Grief To Creation A Life Worth Celebrating

Death of a loved one is something that we never expect or if we do, can never truly prepare ourselves for. So how do we allow ourselves to grieve without allowing grief to consume us? How do we continue living without feeling lost, broken, or stagnant? In this session, Grief and Wellness Coach, Honour Olulu will speak on her story and how she was able to regain control of her life, and not just live but create a life worth celebrating. 

Cynthia Martin

How To Allow Love To Change Us

This the story of many broken girls who believe they have no value, no dignity, and at their core they feel they are nothing. It is the story of love that reveals truth, acceptance, purpose and the plan of God for each of us. The world is waiting for this kind of love. Join the session as we discuss who we truly are in this story of love.

Imani Harris

How God's Love Transforms Our Love From The Inside Out

Just because you are living with limitations doesn't mean you have to be defined by them!

And Surprise! There's Bless Bags For Everyone!

Check out these digital resources coming to you when you register for the summit! You'll find items for your personal use and great tools for your business or ministry. These are all items you can claim for yourself right away ❤️

The Divine Pause Bundle

Access to two digital versions of The Divine Pause: A collection of over 100 affirmations and reflections to help you recenter and reconnect with yourself and God in a noisy world. With access to multiple versions you, you can read your book from any of your preferred devices!

Christian Coloring Prayer Journal

A beautiful Christian Coloring Prayer Journal with Private Label Rights containing 100+ pages including prayer journal pages, coloring journal pages, art/bible journaling pages, coloring prayer/scripture cards, scripture coloring pages and cards, and prayer doodle pages.

Gratitude Journal

This gratitude journal will help you be grateful for more things in your life! It has 30 daily prompts to incorporate a thankful heart into your daily life.

Bible Verse Coloring Pages About Hope - PLR

This resource includes 10 coloring pages with Bible verses about hope. These pages can be added to journals, planners, or adult/children's Bible activity books that you create and sell. PLR license included.

How To Get Started Living Your Best Life With God

With this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about living your best life with God. You will learn about the importance of this relationship and the benefits that come with it. Plus, we will provide tips for getting started and maintaining a healthy spiritual life while living your best life.

Self Limiting Beliefs PLR Toolbox

You can use this PLR Toolbox to help your customers overcome their self-limiting beliefs. Whether you're looking for blog posts, content upgrades, videos, prompts, or journal templates, this toolbox has everything you need to help people increase self-love and confidence. You can also use it to enthusiastically market your products.

Life Challenges E-Course

Do you feel like you are always grappling with challenges in life? Are you tired of life's obstacles wearing you down? Your ability to face and overcome challenges will determine your happiness and success in life. When you build resilience, problem-solving skills, and a growth mindset, you can learn to tackle any problem life hands you and come out a stronger person on the other side.

Reflections about Living Life in Bloom

Inspirational thoughts about growth, change, and transformation for Christian women seeking freedom and connection. Life began in the garden and we have been trying to get back to that state of union with God ever since. Return to a Life in Bloom in this beautifully illustrated 77 page e-book filled with reflections on butterflies and flowers.

50 Encouraging Bible Verse Templates for Canva

A collection of 50 bible verses on 1080x1080 posts (Instagram square) with encouraging messages. Change the color, fonts and graphics to match your branding. For Personal Use Only.

True Stress Relief - 30 Meditations from Scripture

A 30 day devotional journal for the frustrated and overwhelmed individual dealing with stress. Especially beneficial to anyone providing care for a loved one. Three sections dealing with topics pertaining to stress, Biblical Characters and their responses to stress and one sentence prayers for days with no extra time.

The Realm of Responsibility- Creating Boundaries when You Don't Like Creating Boundaries

When we don't have clear boundaries we get trapped in making choices that we don't want. What we want is to be able to have the freedom to say yes and no based on our values and priorities. You'll create a simple way to set boundaries and keep them.

50 God-Inspired Declarations & Reminders of who you are in Christ

This God-inspired book of 50 Declarations will remind you of who you are in Christ. Speak it over yourself daily and allow the Holy Spirit to draw you closer to the heart of God as He starts to develop and refine the calling He has for your life. Includes gratitude journal & bonus content.

Selling Confidently - Sales Training For Christian Coaches and Service Providers

Selling is Serving. Discover how to serve your future customers in a way that feels authentic and natural, while delivering a sales process that feels great for everyone involved. The Bridge Method helps Christians serve powerfully though selling by helping you and your potential clients to identify their challenges and co-creating solutions with you offer when it's a right fit.

She Needs Hope Membership

The She Needs Hope Membership is a Bible-believing, non-denominational, learning-centered community that brings women from all walks of life to God's Word for hope for today, tomorrow, and forever. Each month you'll receive a new Bible Study. Each study will include video training and a downloadable study guide. On weekdays you'll enjoy our "Daily Dose of Hope" and so much more!

Attributes of A Proverbs 31 Woman 7 Day Prayer Journal & Daily Declarations

This PLR pre-written prayer journal is perfect for Christian Bloggers Coaches & Authors, Women's Ministry Leaders and Kingdompreneurs who have a desire too: Use as DAILY Prayer Journal Prompts for your BLOG, WEBSITE or SOCIAL MEDIA POST, Include new content in your monthly MEMBERSHIP SITE, Redesign & sell as separate PRINTABLES, 

Calmly Create with Confidence

A digital training designed to equip the faith-based creative with tangible steps to build confidence. In less than a week, develop a sustainable daily devotional practice that helps provide calm and certainty in your creative works while sparking delight. Learn to look at your creation and say it is good.

Gratitude Devotional Journal

Gratitude is both an outlook and a habit. The more you focus on what you’re grateful for, the more it becomes natural to find things to be grateful for. This is not your typical gratitude journal where you keep a diary of things for which you are grateful.

Feeling God's Nudge To Get Out There More?

Can you see yourself finally taking action on the call to blog or podcast or simply be more visible on social media? We can't wait to see you doing more to spread God's Love, Grace & Mercy!

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