Daily Faith Apprenticeship

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Have you ever thought you’d like to create a faith based content business just like ours?

What if you could learn how – and be trained personally by us?

We are in search of the perfect person to help start their own faith based content PLR site. Could it be you?

Why would we create our own competition? Easy. To spread God’s Love even more!

We believe the industry needs MORE faith based creators like us. There is only so much we can create and our community craves more faith driven content options that we can’t keep up with.

We need contemporaries (others like us) that we can recommend and JV with for long term profit opportunities. You win. We win. Our customers win. And we get to spread God’s Love. The ultimate win!

A Few Details:

  • We are offering a One Year Apprenticeship.
  • You will experience everything that happens in our business month to month and season to season.
  • You will SHINE as our front facing Community Manager, taking the lead and becoming known in the industry we are building.
  • You will commit to being available ten hours per week focused on Daily Faith projects. (Your vacations and holidays set aside of course!)
  • Kelly & Sam commit to be available to you to train and mentor you on on every element of running a PLR business as we all work through the day to day here at Daily Faith.
  • The Daily Faith projects you work on will be designed around content planning, organization, marketing & community management tasks.
  • At the end of the year, you will launch your own done-for-you faith based content business in the end with our full support as your first and most committed affiliate.

Skills/Interests we are looking for:

  • Bible knowledge. You don’t have to be a scholar but you do need a love for the Word and a willingness to dive into it for content ideas that serve Believers.
  • Love/Grace/Mercy. We’re all about sharing more of God’s Love, Grace & Mercy.
  • Copywriting. You don’t have be a trained copywriter, but have a strong interest in learning. We will absolutely mentor you in being the best you can be.
  • Visibility. You’ve got to want to be out front shining in our community. (And ultimately your own!)
  • Curiosity. Come into this wanting to know it all. Ask all the questions.
  • Teachable. You’ll learn, do and get feedback that helps us all succeed.

Interested in having a chat?

We’d love to find someone to work with us soon so if this excites you, fill out this interest form and we’ll jump onto a call with you ASAP.