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Marla has been in Christian ministry online for some time. She loves being of service, sharing God’s word and loving on the people He brings to her. She’d love to write and share more but can’t always find all the time she’d like. 

Marla hears about private label rights content or PLR from a friend.

“It’s content that a writer creates and sells to their customers. With private label rights, you can use the content as your own and post it online as if you wrote it.” Her friend explains, “You’re free to edit or change the content if you like. You can even add your own thoughts and opinions if you want to. Check out Daily Faith PLR for faith-based options, they have a great variety.”

To Marla, it almost sounds too good to be true – and she wants to know more.

If you’re like Marla and you’re new to the world of PLR content, here are three things we want to make sure you know…

It isn’t stealing to use PLR content.

Stealing content is finding an article online and copying the whole thing to your own website. It doesn’t matter if you credit the author or not. If you take more than a paragraph or two, you’ve violated copyright law because you didn’t have the right to copy that material.

With PLR content, the seller is giving you the right to copy their material.

It isn’t unethical to use PLR content.

Ghostwriters create PLR content with the knowledge that their name will not go on the published content. They know this upfront and don’t mind. Daily Faith writers are delighted to know they’re helping ministries serve others.

The idea of using content someone else has written isn’t as odd as you might think. If every ministry had to create all their content from scratch, that’d be tough on everyone.

  • In the church, ministry leaders take advantage of pre-written bible studies.
  • Many pastors take advantage of pre-created sermon notes.
  • Sunday School teachers share from prepared curriculum.
  • Children’s ministries use Vacation Bible School curriculum designed by others.

Private Label Rights content saves you time and gives you flexibility in being able to edit the content to better express your own views and experiences.

It’s perfectly ethical to use PLR content to serve your community and it’s one of the fastest ways to grow your reach.

People you respect are using PLR, you just don't know it.

Many online ministries and churches are using PLR to power their social channels and website. It’s how they’re able to produce so many blog posts, podcast episodes, Facebook Live videos, and more.

The simple truth is trying to create all of your content on your own can be exhausting. But PLR is an affordable solution you’re going to be glad you’ve discovered.

PLR + Your Unique Gifts = Something Beautiful

You may already be creating 100% unique content and want to make sure you maintain the flavor and purpose you bring to everything you share.

Don’t worry for a moment. Starting with PLR is faster than starting from scratch – but every sentence and paragraph is ripe for your personalization.

You may decide to change a few things or prefer the content as written. Whether you edit or not, you’ll likely have ideas you want to add or personal stories you want to tell.

Do it! It makes the resulting content beautifully yours.

Start Using PLR!

Here at Daily Faith, we produce a variety of content formats.

We have 30 devotional sets, bible studies, memory tools, blog posts, tiny ebooks and more.

Faith Bloggers & Ministry Leaders, we have no doubt you already have a vision for what you’d do with more content – but a few priorities we recommend are:

Have Relevant Content On Your Site

Please say it’s a high priority goal to have a content rich website with an active blog/article space!

The content on our website is awake and ready to serve when we’re not. There are so many folks searching for answers and we want your content to be there for them.

PLR helps you build a rich library of helpful content faster.

Have Active Social Channels Inviting People Back To Your Site

You’re likely already active on a favorite social platform. Whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or some other channel – these platforms help you to connect with people who need your love and support.

Imagine being equipped to post often – with consistent opportunities to bring new connections back to your own website.

Have Multiple Opt-in Gifts To Offer

Opt-in gifts are like dangling carrots you offer to the people you long to be of service to. Choose a topic that meets a need, decide which format best covers the ideas shared, create the content, brand it to represent your ministry and offer it as a gift for subscribing to your email list.

Someone who craves your resource happily provides their email address in order to get rapid delivery of your gift. (And hurray – you get to keep in touch with them, earn their trust and build a relationship.)

But having just one isn’t enough. If you really want to grow your ministry, you want multiple gifts available on your website. 

Think about the different pain points your people face and have a goal of providing a resource for each one.

If you had to create from scratch, this would be overwhelming. PLR makes it so much easier.

Use the coupon code COMMUNITY to save 35% on your first/next order from our site.

What Else Would You Like To Be Able To Do?

With the content we offer at Daily Faith, you can be blogging, active on social media, building your ministry mailing list – and once the ministry relationship has begun, what’s next?

You can also be offering group bible studies, leading groups through journaling activities, helping them commit God’s Word to memory… so many possibilities.

Whatever you feel called to do next, we’re here for you. Nothing gives us more joy than knowing we’re helping others share more of God’s Love, Grace & Mercy!

Sam & Benecia
Daily Faith PLR

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