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Today, we tell you about Stephanie Ferrara and her project, Empowered Creativity Coach.

Stephanie says this about her ministry:

Back in 2015 while I was still working full time in my corporate job God dropped a dream in my heart for business coaching. At the same time I was working with an amazing group of women with the heart to open a restoration home for women coming off the streets and out of prison. Then in 2016 I felt I was at a crossroads – pursue business or pursue the ministry. As I prayed about my direction I heard the Holy Spirit tell me that my business and my ministry were one and the same. Since then, I opened my business coaching practice, Empowered Creativity Coaching, where I help my clients grow their online business while learning to let God lead them in each step.

As a Christ-centered business coach I help women entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business who are feeling stuck and frustrated with their lack of business growth. I help them develop strong foundations for a healthy, thriving, God-driven business.

The women I work with are often surprised by the negative beliefs they hold and the impact those are having on their business and profitability.

I help them break down the fears and mindsets that are not serving them and that are actually holding them back. We are then able to rework aspects of their branding and message that reflect their newfound confidence which also instills confidence in prospective clients.

Proud Ministry Moments

Viewing my business as my ministry not only changes how I view each client, but also how I decide which programs I offer and who I work with. Repeatedly, my clients tell me that they never considered praying in their business the way that I teach them. They either never thought to pray about their business specifically or felt that praying for that kind of provision and success was selfish. Through our work together, we not only break down the lies and strongholds that impact their personal life, but are able to break through the walls of false beliefs that prevent them from reaching their full potential in their businesses.

Connect with Stephanie.

Stephanie’s Favorite Verse:

“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4 NIV


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