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Report: Overcoming Adversity With God

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Example Excerpt:

Let’s consider Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Mary was a good girl. She was raised by loving parents with plans to get married to a good man. She loved God and was obedient to His calling. If anyone could hold to enjoy a life of peace, it’s Mary. 

Yet Mary experienced serious Adversity.

Take a look at the time line:

A) She received a promise from God. She would give birth to the Messiah.
B) She almost lost her intended husband – but God took care of that.
C) In her ninth month of pregnancy she had to ride a Donkey to Bethlehem.
D) She had to give birth in a stable.
E) She had to flee with her husband and newborn baby to a strange land to protect his life.
F) At some point she became a widow.
G) Her son was ridiculed in their hometown when he came to minister.
H) She watched her son die on the cross. 

For Mary, as it is for many of you, adversity came in a varied forms. From irritation to anguish, she faced it all.  

One thing we don’t get much of an account of is her response to it all, other than in the very beginning, we know she received the promise with a willing heart and trust in God.  

One thing I’m pretty sure of, when Mary was experiencing Adversity, when things were as bad as they could be, I’m hoping that she was remembering the promise that God made her about her son. I hope that Mary kept her eye on the Primary Concern.

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