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Example Excerpt:

Why So Many Suffer Alone

There are even moments when a ministry family may feel like they are a lower priority than the ministry itself. When Rodney started traveling to speak at other churches, he wasn’t able to be home as much.

At first, his wife didn’t mind. But as the months began to stretch on, she started to feel like a single parent. She resented the ministry and the way Rodney was always working to grow it, rather than taking time off to be present with her and their two boys.

Of course, Rodney’s wife isn’t alone. Ministry can be hard on a family. It requires frequent sacrifice, most of which are never seen or acknowledged. This can be painful and bring up difficult emotions.

As a church member, you may not feel like there’s much you can do to help the ministry families around you. But the truth is you’re in the best position to help because you have “boots on the ground”. You’re close enough to see what’s going and that gives you the opportunity to step in.

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