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Example Excerpt:

Embrace a Relational Resurrection

…“In my letter,” explained the young man, “I told my dad to leave the porch light on if I’m welcome home. If I’m not, I’ll just keep going.” He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as the taxi slowed. “I can’t look. Would you just tell me? Is the light on or not?”

The taxi driver stopped the cab in front of the house, awed by what he saw. Light was flooding from every room, even the lawn was little up with Christmas lights. “Welcome home,” the taxi driver whispered around the lump in his throat.

The story–inspired by the writer Jerry Jenkins–is a modern day re-telling of The Prodigal Son in Luke 15. What the Prodigal experienced that day was a relational resurrection.

Relational resurrection happens when we think a relationship is over but God steps in. Sometimes, this resurrection might involve reconciling with a spouse after divorce proceedings were started. Or your resurrection might be about making peace with a parent after a long season of silence or re-connecting with a sibling who abandoned the family.

Although they are the sweetest, relational resurrections can be painful and messy. Things may not look (or feel!) like a Hallmark card right away. All you can do is trust that God is working and try to pour grace over yourself and your loved one.

This mini report is a wonderful addition to your faith based content plans.  Use them to encourage others and spread God’s Love, Grace & Mercy far and wide!

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