Demo: Turn A Canva Template Into A Physical Product

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I’ve easily offered a print version of my PDF trainings for years using Fedex Printing service.  There are some people who just really need to hold something in their hands and when it comes to journals and devotionals, being able to actually write in something is a strong preference in a lot of cases.

Want to see me turn one of our 30 Day Devotionals into a physical product?

I chose coil binding, 110 pound card stock for the cover and 32 pound paper for the inside. Printing the cover in color and the inside in black and white made it affordable but the full color looks amazing and would be lovely for a special gift.

Imagine having something you can gift to someone special or adding a new physical product option alongside your digital resources!

I used this done-for-you 30 Day Devotional as my example. We have lots of Canva based resources you could use similarly!

Note, you can use any print service local to you to do the same thing and the staff there will always help you walk through options to create exactly what you want.

There ARE other ways to print of course and maybe I’ll come back with some more demos soon!


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